Electrs keeps restarting

I updated my Umbrel today after the lnd bug fix.
However electrs keeps restarting.
Here’s the logs:

[2022-11-02T01:23:58.232Z INFO  electrs::server] serving Electrum RPC on
[2022-11-02T01:23:58.312Z INFO  electrs::db] "/data/db/bitcoin": 155 SST files, 37.532538249 GB, 4.696188278 Grows
[2022-11-02T01:24:03.745Z INFO  electrs::chain] loading 761248 headers, tip=0000000000000000000640e114b9e6272b9688178273e193ef957e02fad1069f
[2022-11-02T01:24:08.574Z INFO  electrs::chain] chain updated: tip=0000000000000000000640e114b9e6272b9688178273e193ef957e02fad1069f, height=761248
[2022-11-02T01:24:08.820Z INFO  electrs::index] indexing 93 blocks: [761249..761341]
thread 'p2p_loop' panicked at 'invalid message: OversizedVectorAllocation { requested: 12000072, max: 4000000 }', src/p2p.rs:250:70
note: run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` environment variable to display a backtrace
[2022-11-02T01:24:08.881Z INFO  electrs::db] closing DB at /data/db/bitcoin
Error: electrs failed

Caused by:
    0: sync failed
    1: failed to get block 000000000000000000070742427fa10ec3c66d006160155a704d9f56d090a3ea
    2: receiving on an empty and disconnected channel
Starting electrs 0.9.4 on aarch64 linux with Config { network: Bitcoin, db_path: "/data/db/bitcoin", daemon_dir: "/data/.bitcoin", daemon_auth: CookieFile("/data/.bitcoin/.cookie"), daemon_rpc_addr:, daemon_p2p_addr:, electrum_rpc_addr:, monitoring_addr:, wait_duration: 10s, jsonrpc_timeout: 15s, index_batch_size: 10, index_lookup_limit: None, reindex_last_blocks: 0, auto_reindex: true, ignore_mempool: false, sync_once: false, disable_electrum_rpc: false, server_banner: "Umbrel Electrs (0.9.4-build-2)", args: [] }
[2022-11-02T01:24:10.868Z INFO  electrs::metrics::metrics_impl] serving Prometheus metrics on
[2022-11-02T01:24:10.868Z INFO  electrs::server] serving Electrum RPC on

The log file just repeats that over and over.

I noticed that I’m running electrs 0.9.4.
This GH comment (and thread) says the solution is to upgrade to 0.9.8 (or 0.9.9).

Any advice on how I should proceed?

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I’m having the same issue as well at nearly the same block.

This morning there was an update available for electrs version 0.9.9.
I updated and the errors have stopped.
Everything seems to be working properly now!

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