Does Tailscale need Tor?

Tailscale Tor docker is often stuck in “restarting” mode - is there a port allocation issue?
Does Tailscale need Tor at all? If not, or not critical, I propose to make it an option to avoid the tor issue impacting the rest of the Umbrel (and the stability of channels)…
Thanks, m

Similar problem. Things seem to work. Just not sure what to do about or what’s causing it.

docker ps | grep tailscale
450b942076a9 getumbrel/tor: “/umbrel/entrypoint.…” 4 days ago Restarting (1) 38 seconds ago tailscale_tor_server_1
95881b59f976 tailscale/tailscale:v1.34.2 “sh -c 'tailscale we…” 4 days ago Up 4 days tailscale_web_1

docker logs -f
Mar 15 14:55:02.419 [notice] Tor running on Linux with Libevent 2.1.12-stable, OpenSSL 1.1.1n, Zlib 1.2.11, Liblzma N/A, Libzstd N/A and Glibc 2.31 as libc.
Mar 15 14:55:02.419 [notice] Tor can’t help you if you use it wrong! Learn how to be safe at
Mar 15 14:55:02.419 [notice] Read configuration file “/tmp/torrc”.
Mar 15 14:55:02.489 [warn] Unparseable address in hidden service port configuration.
Mar 15 14:55:02.489 [warn] Failed to parse/validate config: Failed to configure rendezvous options. See logs for details.
Mar 15 14:55:02.489 [err] Reading config failed–see warnings above.

Any thoughts? If it’s not used, I could just stop that service.