Directed to a onboarding/start page after Umbrel/Linux 1.0 update

Hi, successfully installed umbrel.OS 1.0 my Linux laptop, but when I boot up and log into umbrelOS from another device I get directed to a onboarding/start page with no other option. I made a backup to a USB device successfully, but it doesn’t start the auto-import. I’ve tried different USB ports but with the same result.

Any advice is appreciated.


I tried writing to the co-founder to see if there’s at least the possibility of reinstalling version 0.5.4 and importing the backup we made before doing this new installation. Let’s see what and if he will respond


I tried this, but run into problems here too. No "migrating" after upgrade to UmbrelOS on miniPC - #3 by nmfretz

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This procedure worked in my case, now my Umbrel is back online. Thanks for update