No "migrating" after upgrade to UmbrelOS on miniPC

@aantonop to follow up, I have tested a command to modify an os file that will allow you to initiate migration using a command, but I’m thinking this may not be a great idea to post here where others may be tempted to try this lower level change that could end up putting them in a bad state, especially when their issue may be unrelated.

Instead, if you are still having issues you can actually trigger an import another way:

  1. On your miniPC installation, create a directory called import within the main umbrel data directory:

    At this stage, where no user has been created through the UI, the login credentials in the terminal will be:

    • user: umbrel
    • password: umbrel
    sudo mkdir /home/umbrel/umbrel/import
  2. Copy your exported data from your mounted USB drive into the import directory.
    For example:

    sudo rsync -avh --progress <path-to-usb-mount>/umbrel/ /home/umbrel/umbrel/import

    You want the import directory to look like this afterwards in order for umbrelOS to import properly:

$ tree -L 1 -a /home/umbrel/umbrel/import/
|-- .env
|-- .github
|-- .gitignore
|-- .umbrel
|-- app-data
|-- bin
|-- build
|-- data
|-- db
|-- deps
|-- docker-compose.tor.yml
|-- docker-compose.yml
|-- events
|-- info.json
|-- karen
|-- logs
|-- nginx
|-- repos
|-- scripts
|-- statuses
|-- templates
`-- tor

16 directories, 11 files
  1. Unmount and remove your USB drive

  2. Reboot your miniPC

    The login credentials will now be

    • user: umbrel
    • password: your umbrel password from your data export

Your data should be copied over and you can access http://umbrel.local

Let me know if this ends up working for you or not.