Derivation Path for Umbrel

What’s the derivation path used by Umbrel? I’m trying to add the seed phrase to another wallet to allow me alternative access to my funds, but it doesn’t appear to be using a typical derivation path. It also doesn’t appear to be listed at

That site answer what you ask, btccore doesn´t follow known rules to address generation. So no third part recovery tools available.
Thats a problem for our funds in btccore wallets, if it falls in oblivion in a few years (because having the seed frase is not enough to generate derived address)

Check option 5 from this guide and how to use the umbrel onchain wallet into another app.
But I do not recommend to use it as a normal wallet!
Due to the “anchor reserve” feature in LND, some UTXOs will be linked to your LN channels, and will not be usable. You can really fucked up your channels using those UTXOs.

As to have it just in case of SHTF, yes, you can use it in Sparrow (Bluewallet, Zap, Blixt) but do not use it in the same time in Umbrel.

Hey @DarthCoin, I’m trying to setup WATCH-ONLY wallet in my Sparrow.

I was hoping its possible using xPub/zPub + correct derivation path.

I used RPCExplorer app to grab my xPub and zPub. Tried both. xPub with m/44’/0’ path, then i tried zPub with m/84’/0’ path. None of which have worked, Sparrow still shows 0 transactions and 0 UTXOs

Any useful guides for that sir? Don’t wanna enter my seedwords into Sparrow (to avoid messing accidentally with LND like you said). So we need WATCH ONLY guide my man!!!

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Watch-only for your umbrel wallet?
What for?
That onchain wallet it should be used EXCLUSIVELY for opening / closing LN channels. No other means.

Just for a case when your node is down, you can import it with seed directly in Bluewallet (no need LN channels) or in Blixt (only onchain or also with LN channels), or Zap desktop (only onchain).
Sparrow is more as a debug recovery when you want to go deep into UTXOs.

BE AWARE! Do not use your Umbrel wallet in other apps as would be a regular wallet.
You have anyway, Zeus and Zap connected to your node, that works perfectly, onchain and LN.

Guys, please don’t fuck up your nodes!

Watch-only for your umbrel wallet?
What for?

Cmon DarthCoin, don’t assume I’m dumb. There is a reason I’m trying to specifically use it as “WATCH ONLY” wallet, meaning i cannot sign anything without my private key so i cannot break anything :smiley: (im past the basics)

1st, im learning Lightning/LND via umbrel, cli, and just how to be a better bitcoiner. So as I’m exploring this world I had this thought and just wanted to know if this is at all possible - regardless of difficulty in case it needs a workaround due to XYZ. I can do watch-only wallets for hardware wallets and virtually any other software wallet bitcoin address, except i cannot figure it out for the bitcoin-core one Umbrel is using :man_shrugging: (it’s probably because i dont understand the rest of Umbrel implementation of it? dunno hoping you can tell me instead of scolding me like a child :laughing: )

But fine!!! philosophically i get your point and agree. But it’s actually beneficial exploration as now it’s making me think about DERIVATION PATHS right, so its beneficial in bitcoiner journey despite the fact you might not see it that way because you are so much more experienced with the blockchain.

I wasn’t going to touch ANY of my UTXOs in the watch-only wallet, in fact i was trying hard to avoid typing my SEED into my laptop keyboard for Sparrow. So i was trying to avoid your #5 from the GUIDE

But anyways, I am able to find my xPub/yPub/zPub… and i realized Bitcoin Core’s wallet that Umbrel relies on is using BIP32 (which means keys are derived with the derivation path m/0’/0’).

But still, with my correct xPub (or zPub, tried both cuz it was showing 0s) and m/0’/0’ i cannot see anything.

So if you can use Sparrow with mneomonic seed (cuz that’s obviously your private key too), why can’t I use Sparrow without seed with zPub instead as watch-only? I would just like to see it working once, tell me what i’m missing here or if it’s not possible

  • Go to Cryptography Toolkit and download the HTML file onto your computer.
  • Open that HTML file in “offline mode” (no internet) and select “aezeed Cipher Seed Scheme” from Tools. Then go to the 2nd tab “Decode Mnemonic”.
  • Paste your 24 words into the “Mnemonic” field.

Select BIP84 format

  • Select format BIP84 native segwit and wait a bit to be decoded.
  • Copy the zprv displayed into the field “HD node root base 58”
  • Open (already downloaded) Sparrow wallet app and select “new wallet”
  • In the “Keystores” select “new imported software wallet”
  • In the next window that will open, select “Master Private Key BIP32” and paste that zprv key you get it from the cryptography tool and click “import”. It will show you that is a m/84/0/0 derivation path (as it should be, to restore all your addresses and txs used previously in Umbrel).
  • Click on “Import Keystore” and it will go back to main window of the wallet app where you can see all the wallet config. Click on “apply” and will prompt you to set a password to encrypt your local wallet file.
  • Sparrow app will start scanning all your keys and txs and it will be displayed after a while in the “Transactions” tab. Patience, it will take some time.
  • For a faster, secure and private connection is better to connect your Sparrow wallet app to your node. Just follow the instructions in “Umbrel - connect wallet - sparrow” and you will use directly the blocks and indexes from your own node.

I see, the #5 from your guide.
If this is the only way to do it now i understand why it’s not recommended :bowing_man:
I would also not recommend it for most then :fist: (if it was possible with just xPub/zPub plus derivation path then yea). Relying on magic HTML + offline mode will be prone to error to most people so better stick to Umbrel w/Zeus or similar app :100: Thanks for being persistent on that though.

SOOO, i think i just learned something here about bouncing around those interwebs.
xPub is useless because bitcoin-core wallet uses “hardened private key derivation” (vs non-hardened), and “hardened derivation requires the xpriv”.

I had no idea about hardened vs non-hardened :open_mouth: :thinking: cooooool

Found these 2 links touching briefly on this in case it’s helpful to someone else:

@DarthCoin just found your substack. it’s awesome !! thanks for sharing

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I don’t intent to be harsh on people. But please understand, that if I reply to somebody that understand what they are doing (like you) but some other noob is reading, they will do crazy things and not paying attention to details (like you did) and then they fucked up everything and come back here crying…
I saw so many times this, so that’s why I start with harsh warnings, maybe the open their eyes first.
Don’t get me wrong.

So I can’t use btcrecover for trying to find missing words in my seed?

Umbrel is using LND aezeed wallet.
Find here the derivation path for all types of wallets.

Also a good tool for your LND wallet is this!/aezeed

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