Create a new VM from backup - no funds showing in wallet?

I am using Proxmox, I created a vm and installed Umbrel - Bitcoin node and Lightening node, I made a backup of the vm. I was using the signet network which synced quickly! I transferred some funds to the lightening node, then realized the signet network was a test network.

I create a new VM from my backup and set the hardware to 100GB hdd and 8 Gb memory, I left the bitcoin node on mainnet.

It finally synced today, however there is no balance showing on my lightening node, I can see the funds if I check the Blockchain Explorer - Bitcoin Tracker & More |

I can see I have 2 peers but no channels in my lightening node?

Am I missing something?

I have installed bluewallet on my mobile and added my wallet I can see my funds, but it shows 0 balance on the bitcoin node??

Hi @Sub7 just so I understand correctly: You have created a new instance of Umbrel (which is a back-up of the old), in which you are no longer using signet. The onchain funds (not lightning channel funds) aren’t appearing in the wallet, however if you use the seed phrase with blue-wallet you can see the funds?

If you don’t have any lightning channels set-up I would recommend uninstalling the lightning app, and then reinstalling it so you can enter your seed phrase to make sure it’s using the right one. From there it may take ~24hrs for the lightning app to scan the blockchain for your funds (we can also initiate a rescan if need be).

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Yes that’s what I have, I will try reinstall and see if it updates and let you know, how it goes.

Thanks for your help