Cooperative closed channel pending for wk

I issued a cooperative close 7 days ago, and the person went inactive. how can i force a close while the cooperative close is in pending status? i dont believe this person will close the channel.

First check in the troubleshooting manual how to check a pending closing channel and see the status. If the tx was already broadcasted, you better wait.
If is in limbo, you go to your channels interface (RTL or TH) and in pending click on the one is waiting and force close it.
You can do it also in command line but can’t remember now the command

it looks like it was broadcast because there is txid(random letters) it has been 9 days, what is reasonable to wait? and will it ever just automatically go back to me the funds

In that command to check the status, is also saying at what height of block will be released.

no maturity block height is listed , it is blank

Can you post here the full log?

“total_limbo_balance”: “38155”,
“pending_open_channels”: [
“pending_closing_channels”: [
“pending_force_closing_channels”: [
“waiting_close_channels”: [
“channel”: {
“remote_node_pub”: “036730eb2cbf21332a4935c91f897888dc3b19c947f3bcf51794051b36094e7cff”,
“channel_point”: “25c4607fab165936203f61f793815275dc6d60c15fb719492e44a8216db40332:1”,
“capacity”: “40000”,
“local_balance”: “38155”,
“remote_balance”: “0”,
“local_chan_reserve_sat”: “400”,
“remote_chan_reserve_sat”: “400”,
“initiator”: “INITIATOR_LOCAL”,
“commitment_type”: “ANCHORS”
“limbo_balance”: “38155”,
“commitments”: {
“local_txid”: “9654f87bc9fe17222545fb12f81948cdbf72cf455871920bf42e2687a3630fbf”,
“remote_txid”: “822f893c5cab5d3de3def14fe27ce40f7cae308b782c46ede9df6ac82ea4b2e5”,
“remote_pending_txid”: “39b180f9cb8e4ed7cd2f0968d9ba96f2b435ccd7fd58322f1c6761aad58e29bd”,
“local_commit_fee_sat”: “1185”,
“remote_commit_fee_sat”: “845”,
“remote_pending_commit_fee_sat”: “0”

Ah damn it, is an anchors channels. See more details I posted this issue on LND github]( view it on GitHub.
It’s tricky, but maybe is not your situation.

Also this

Could be considered dust.

Anyways, this situation is not 100% related to Umbrel, is more LND stuff, so you will need to take to an upper level, to LND people.
Sorry man, I can’t help you more with this.

thanks for trying

I was able to retrieve all funds by closing the channel point removing the : and using the force close command

~/umbrel/bin/lncli closechannel --force 851ddc0900b775ff4afbd12ed4c8c003456eaea862ba96664344b06a04eec7c5 1
the above is the example in the manual not mine but i plugged in the channel point and it closed all channels