Constantly having to restart Umbrel

I’ve had umbrel running on a Rasp Pi for over a year without any problems without ever having to restart it… about a month ago I got one of your $400 Umbrel servers and have had nothing but problems from day one. Constantly going offline among other problems like Bitcoin never gaining many peers…

My biggest issue is that it just never consistently stays UP. I’ve had to unplug/plug back in multiple times, would rather not have to babysit this.

please HALP

I’m running into the same issue with the same device/platform (goes offline every few days). Would also love to see a (good, comprehensive) security best practices post for the same device.

also looking for HALP

Umbrel server sucks. Be warned. My bitcoin node keeps dropping off to 1 peer, mempool is always behind. I have to restart the box at least every other day.

If you are on a Pi and it’s running stable: STAY THERE. You will get ZERO help from customer support or here.

Do NOT “upgrade” to the very expensive umbrel box… hate to say it but so far it sucks.