Connecting to BitBoxApp

Hi all,

Wondering has anyone had an issue connecting Umbrel with their Bitbox02.

All steps have been carried out correctly, opened in Tor, enable proxy, restart app.

However, when I enter the endpoint and check it , I get the following error;

socks connect tcp>ID_STRING_NUMBER.onion:50001: dial tcp connectex: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?


There are several possibilities. If you make the setting, are you using TOR?
If you have TOR enabled, but you are in Local Browser, then it may not work. Or you have to check if your address is …onion:50001, if yes, try …onion:50002.
There are different reasons in the application for this message.
Normally it works without problems if you activate the proxy in Bitbox, connect your own node and enter the …onion:50001 or …onion:50002, and (if you use a cell phone) start and use the Bitbox APP with Orbot (i.e. via TOR), if you are not via TOR, then you cannot reach the onion address.

Hi Avatar_21

Thanks for the feedback! I got the issue resolved and I am not connected to my node.

The issue was that I had TOR browser running but did not run the TOR.exe file from the folder, silly mistake!!

I appreciate your feedback on the matter.

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