BitBox02 / BitBoxApp + Umbrel - Can't connect

I can’t connect the BitBoxApp to my Umbrel node.

  • Node is fully synced and I have open LN channels, stable for weeks

  • Node is running, electrs is on 50001, TOR proxy on 9050

    51327de26ff0 lncm/tor: “tor” 8 minutes ago Up 8 minutes 9051/tcp,>9050/tcp, 29050-29051/tcp tor
    94b3300cbb27 getumbrel/electrs:v0.8.9 “electrs” 8 minutes ago Up 8 minutes 4224/tcp,>50001/tcp electrs

  • TOR proxy enabled in BitBoxApp

  • Checking the connection in BitBoxApp fails

Any ideas?

If you log in to your private network, then you do not need TOR activation. It would be enough if you log in locally. umbrel.local:50001
If you have android mobile device and you want to use Bitbox on the road through your node, then you still need Orbot, so you have to connect through TOR. Then it works with the TOR settings in Bitbox. Bitbox might want to implement TOR in the future, so you don’t need Orbot anymore.

That’s great and all, but that doesn’t address the issue.

Why can’t I connect via the Umbrel TOR proxy? I don’t want to be on the clearnet, even on my local network. And I want to be able to connect remotely if needed.

is your node 100% sinkronized? if not, then this is the problem with Electrum. Otherwise, everything seems to be correct. Umbrel only works with TOR. Your Bitbox works with TOR and you have connected it correctly. But if you access your Bitbox from your cell phone, for example, it does not work if you have not installed Orbot and have also activated the Bitbox there. If you want to access your node without connecting the Bitbox, you can only do it with TOR browser via the Onion address.