Connecting Ledger to Umbrel's Bitcoin Node

In the bitcoin.conf file, I noticed that we’re using the more updated rpcauth config, but with Ledger, it seems that they’re still using the rpcuser and rpcpassword configs.

  1. What username and password was used to generate the rpcauth config?; and
  2. Do we have to explicitly add the username and password to the bitcoin.conf file for Ledger to be able to connect to Umbrel?


Why complicate things when are so simple?

  1. Go to Umbrel Dashboard - Connect wallet
  2. Select Electrum, Sparrow or Specter and follow the instructions indicated.
  3. Install Electrum or Specter or Sparrow in your regular PC and connect your Ledger to them.
  4. Done, you have your ledger connected and using your node to verify and broadcast your txs.

Now Umbrel has the built-in. Instead installing it on PC, download again the coreBTC, etc… @DarthCoin do you reckon it’s ok to instal it on the umbrel.local node or it can compromise the node?

Specter web app is to be used when you are not at home with your PC and Specter app installed. That’s all

Im trying to do the same thing hooking up ledger through sparrow , I still wont pass a test connection phase

A bit more in details here