Connecting Electrum to Electrum Server Without Tor

If my computer is behind the same firewall/router as my Umbrel node, can I connect my Electrum wallet to the Electrum Server without using Tor?

If it can be done, I know how to get my Umbrel’s IP address (LAN IP) I just don’t know what port to use.


It should be running on port 50001. Did you get it working?

Wow!!! After 7 months, someone finally replies. Thank you for replying Crowphale.

Yes, I did try port 50001 before I left the original message 7 months ago. But last week I was thinking about the “:t” at the end of the Tor address, and I recently found out that the Tor address for myNode doesn’t have the “:t” at the end. I have no idea what the “:t” is for, but I thought maybe it needs to be there for the local address as well. That was it! Works like a charm!!!

So if you’re behind the same firewall/router as your Umbrel Node and you don’t want to run the Tor Service every time you run Electrum, use an IP Scanner to find Umbrel’s IP address and use “50001:t” for the port.

In the network section of Electrum, uncheck the box for [Select server automatically], and in the [Server:] field enter: IP.address.of.node:50001:t


Or just set a static IP for your node. That will fix a lot of other trouble.
Here is a guide

Had the same problem, after adding a trailing :t to the port, it suddendy worked. :grinning:

(I use a vmware vm with umbrel and another vm with electrum desktop wallet on a local 172.16.: network, so no tor to connect wallet with server).


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Just came across this thread as I was having the same problem.
Would never have thought to add the :t
Not sure why electrum needs this.