Connecting a Wallet to my Bitcoin Node?

What are the reasons to connect a bitcoin wallet to my Umbrel Bitcoin Node?

Your Wallet needs to get its data from somewhere. You can trust that what someone elses node is telling you or you could run your own and connect to it.

Also privacy.

If I send BTC from my Ledger Nano X is it connecting to a random node on the net? What could someone else’s node possibly do to a transaction?

Also, from a privacy standpoint, is the to and from address baked into every block on the blockchain, what is the privacy advantage of using my own node?

Thanks for the info.

Pretty sure Ledger connects to their nodes by default. Generally the node couldn’t really do anything other than observe.

Bitcoin addresses are derived from your public key. As for Privacy Ledger Live could and likely does log your IP.

There’s probably more but getting to the outside reaches of my knowledge.