Connecting a 2nd drive to raspberry pi 4 for channel backup

Hello, I’m running a standard raspberry pi 4B 8GB model with a single external SSD. I’m worried quite a bit that all my LN node funds depends on that one HDD. What if that SSD fails?

I do my back ups once or twice a day, but that can only partially recover my funds. If I broadcast old state of the channels I can (will) be punished a loose my channel funds. I know that Umbrel sends the channel backup to their servers, but I would rather have another local backup option.

So I thought I could simply plug in another SSD and write some script that would monitor the backup file and copy it if it changes.

The first problem is that raspberry pi cannot reliably power 2 external SSDs. So I maybe I can plug it via an external usb hub. Something like Will it work? I guess I should rather keep the main disk in the same usb port.

And the second question is about the script. I’m a programmer, but on windows. Umbrel runs on some sort of Linux, can I simply google for some sort of file system monitoring script for Linux and run it as a service?

Is that all really unnecessary? Should I just trust my Umbrel node that it uploads my channels to the server? How can we access it; just with our seed? Can you verify that the seed wasn’t stolen and you are sending the channels back up to the right person?