Confirmation that Whirlpool + Dojo doesn't work with UMBREL for now?

Can someone confirm that Whirlpool + Dojo doesn’t not work with UMBREL for now ?

thx in advance

That was certainly my experience. It was trying to attach to database tables that didn’t exist (Umbrel 0.4.4, Samourai 1.12.0.)

Error: ER_NO_SUCH_TABLE: Table 'samourai-main.hd' doesn't exist
    at Query.Sequence._packetToError (/home/node/app/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/sequences/Sequence.js:47:14)
    at Query.ErrorPacket (/home/node/app/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/sequences/Query.js:79:18)
    at Protocol._parsePacket (/home/node/app/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/Protocol.js:291:23)
    at Parser._parsePacket (/home/node/app/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/Parser.js:433:10)
    at Parser.write (/home/node/app/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/Parser.js:43:10)
    at Protocol.write (/home/node/app/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/Protocol.js:38:16)
    at Socket.<anonymous> (/home/node/app/node_modules/mysql/lib/Connection.js:88:28)
    at Socket.<anonymous> (/home/node/app/node_modules/mysql/lib/Connection.js:526:10)
    at Socket.emit (events.js:400:28)
    at addChunk (internal/streams/readable.js:293:12)
    at Pool.query (/home/node/app/node_modules/mysql/lib/Pool.js:199:23)
    at /home/node/app/lib/db/mysql-db-wrapper.js:387:19
    at new Promise (<anonymous>)
    at MySqlDbWrapper._query (/home/node/app/lib/db/mysql-db-wrapper.js:385:12)
    at MySqlDbWrapper.ensureHDAccountId (/home/node/app/lib/db/mysql-db-wrapper.js:633:31)
    at RemoteImporter.importHDAccount (/home/node/app/lib/remote-importer/remote-importer.js:123:16)
    at runMicrotasks (<anonymous>)
    at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:95:5)
    at async HDAccountsService.restoreHdAccount (/home/node/app/lib/bitcoin/hd-accounts-service.js:70:5)
    at async XPubRestApi.postXpub (/home/node/app/accounts/xpub-rest-api.js:139:11) {
  code: 'ER_NO_SUCH_TABLE',
  errno: 1146,
  sqlMessage: "Table 'samourai-main.hd' doesn't exist",
  sqlState: '42S02',
  index: 0,
  sql: "SELECT `hdID` FROM `hd` WHERE `hdXpub` = 'xpub...'"

An update including a bug fix has been released a few hours. Please update and reinstall the Samourai Server app.

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It’s syncing now. Rock on.

great !!! :pray:

But on my side, the problem is with Whirlpool … Everything connect but the GUI just won’t work :roll_eyes: :expressionless: :roll_eyes:

I had better luck Umbrel’s Dojo + a PC desktop GUI. The Android app is OK but sometimes doesn’t show you everything that’s going on.

yess on Samourai it seems it’s normal not to see all the MIXEs …

what Umbrel version are you using ? me = I stayed on UMBREL 0.3.14 and Whirlpool Desktop was working fine up untill last month … I fear that if I update, it will be worth :sweat_smile: what do you think

thx and take care

I’m always updating to latest. If something goes wrong it’s always possible to recover!