Channel to Tippin - Unable to connect to peer, dial proxy failed

I tried to open a channel to Tippin because the first time I tried to use it, the fee for the route was very high (higher than my policy in the wallet I used) which is not the purpose to pay high fee for sending cents of tips.

But when I try to open a channel from Umbrel I got this error:
Unable to connect to peer, dial proxy failed: socks connect tcp> unknown error general SOCKS server failure

Any idea what is the problem? Tippin doesn’t support onion node, is it possible?

so it looks like the channel given by on their website is this:

While on and 1ML it’s different:

I tried with the second one and it looks like ok. Strange that they advertise the wrong node, maybe they have a new one that is not yet working or they move to a new one and it’s the old on the website.