Changing SD card from one Raspberri Pi 400 to a Pi 4

Hello. I have a Raspberry 400 with Umbrel in the SD card running happily, but I’d like to use this Pi 400 (which is basically a Pi 4 inside a keyboard) for something else (since the keyboard is wasted with Umbrel, which is server-only software) and use an actual Pi 4 box for Umbrel.

Since the Pi 400 and the Pi 4 have essentially the same hardware, could I just take the SD card from the Pi 400, put in into a new Pi 4, start up the machine and everything will work as if nothing had happened? Or will this fail for some reason I overlooked?

Thank you!

RaspiPi 400 OS is different of Umbrel OS software, over the same basic hardware.
But if you were running Umbrel OS in a RaspPi 400, then I guess it gonna work in a bare RaspPi with 4GB (don’t know if swap files will complaint of a 8GB ram)