[Changes] Zap Wallet (Android) Native TOR now supported, No need for Orbot

Just a quick head’s up

Zap Android wallet has been updated to offer native TOR support and thus no longer requires Orbot for it to connect to my Umbrel Node.

I thought I should include this here so perhaps the Dev team can take a look at changing the setup description for Zap (Android) within the “Connect Wallet” drop-down menu description page within the Umbrel node.

As per here:-



Here's how to connect Zap (Android) to your Umbrel
Download Orbot on your phone.
Open Orbot, tap the gear icon under "Tor-Enabled apps" and add Zap.
Tap "STOP", restart Orbot and turn on the "VPN Mode".
Start Tor by tapping the big onion icon.
Open the Zap app on your phone.
Tap "Connect" on the welcome screen.
Scan this QR Code (click to enlarge)

No longer requires Orbot

Here is official Zap Android Git Repo :-

Issue Comment fixed:-


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