Can't ssh into my node

Following the recommendations in here, because umbrel.local is not accessible, I’m trying to log into the node using ssh directly. I found the IP address with arp -a, but getting this error:

ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

I changed the port to 2222, but still getting the same error.

Would this mean I didn’t flash the OS properly? Or am I missing sth basic?

maybe some firewall is blocking that port

In my Macbook’s Security & Privacy window, it says that the Firewall is off (“This computer’s firewall is currently turned off. All incoming connections to this computer are allowed”). On the RPi side, I’d first have to be able to ssh into it to…

FYI, never got to update it here, but the issue was a faulty OS flashing. I used another software than the recommended Balenda Etcher. Using the latter it ended up working without issue.

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Hello, can you let me know what was the other software you used to flash instead of Etcher? Thanks!