Can't get Umbrel web interface to load

Hi - I can’t seem to get help on this and have looked everywhere for a solution. I simply shut down my Umbrel home via the web interface, and when I turned it back on, I can’t get the umbrel.local site to load on any browser.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I have on and off issues with avahi .local addresses from time to time. IDK why it’s so unreliable. Try the direct IP address of your server instead of it’s .local name. That would at least rule out avahi wonkyness as the problem.

If you’re still not getting anything to load then you’ll probably want to provide some log information so others can help you further. Unfortunately I’m new to Umbrel specifically so other than the GUI UI I don’t know exactly where you’d look for that. For general Linux logs you’d probably want to use dmesg or journalctl to get broader system logs.

you can try the IP address or
plain old

one of them should be reliable. Until someone with a better idea comes along.

umbrel/local does it for me