Can't connect with SSD but HDD works

So I originally tried an HDD because I already had it laying around but syncing was to slow so I switched to SSD and it was working great, synced all the way up to 98.5% but then just stopped connecting to umbrel.local.

Now I just get this message “This site can’t be reached, umbrel.local refused to connect.”

Out of curiosity I switched back to HDD and it connects to umbrel.local just fine so for some reason it just stopped working with my SSD. Anyone have any idea why?

I will also note that when the HDD is connected the green light in the back blinks very rapidly but with the SSD it blinks very slowly, not sure if that means anything to anyone who can help.


I had a similar issue with my SSD enclosure blinking strangely and then not at all, so I bought a new SSD enclosure since the one I was using was a few years old. Problem solved.

This is the one I bought

Hope that helps.