Can't connect wallets anymore

I’ve been running umbrel on a Raspberry Pi, Ethernet, SSD for a few months now. During this time the SSD would blink blue and wallets connected without issue, but for the past few weeks it blinks red and my wallets fail to connect. The web interface works and the blockchain is up to date.

Thanks for any help.

More info is needed of your hardware and also the logs.
Restart Umbrel and copy logs. You can use to post them here (the links).

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 Starter Kit (8GB RAM)

Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SATA 2.5" Internal SSD (MZ-76E1T0/AM) [Canada Version]

Which log files do you need?


Both trobleshoot logs, Umbrel logs and dmesg logs.

Can you tell me where they are or point me to a link that explains where they are located?

Thank you.

In the Umbrel page, in the foot to the left -> Settings, then Trobleshoot -> Start then you can select Umbrel or dmesg logs and download files.

Hopefully this works.



Thank you again.

I can´t find an obvious problem in logs. TOR logs seems strange, but i don´t understand it, sorry. If you get active peers, TOR is normal. Indexing seems to be still running, so guess you won´t get on-line channels until it finishes. SSD seems working normal.
A simple way to see if still indexing is to look if high cpu activity of bitcoind and electrs processes by ssh command ‘top’ in a terminal window.

If any app has high cpu demand, uninstall it, helps to finish indexing soon.

Thank you for looking into. I appreciate it.