Can't connect Pi to a different RJ45 port

Hi. I can connect my Pi to an RJ-45 port on my home’s router/hub and resolve it in IP SCANNER (complete with raspberry icon). I want to move the unit to another location but the Pi won’t resolve anywhere else (tried 3 other RJ-45 jacks in the home). Pi has a good green light, hub has a good flashing green light showing data throughput. If I move the Pi, it shows as “unknown device” in IP SCANNER. Pi bootup sequence is nominal. Thanks, Dana!

Hey Dana! Wanted to just make sure I was clear - the umbrel resolves when connected directly to your router, but doesn’t work when connected to an ethernet port elsewhere in your home? Are you able log directly into your router to check the IP Address that way? It might be easier than using a IP scanner, and then you can see if you can connect by IP.

Hi Jon Syu. Thank you for the reply. Yes that is correct… sort of. It resolves when plugged directly into my Wifi-Router’s RJ-45 port, which is hard-wired into my home’s service router (Euro Router)… but not when I plug it into my 4-port hub, which is hard wired to the internet service distribution hub (8-port) or to any Cat-6 home runs in the house from that hub… The Euro-hub is hard wired to the service distribution hub. Too many hops? I wonder if I’m missing something basic.

Yeah, I’m not entirely sure to be honest, that is a lot of hops! Do you have another machine with an ethernet port that you can plug into the same hub as the pi to see if that can get detected?

Better use a fixed IP to your Raspi. Just reserve it in the router configs. If you will use another Raspi for umbrel, reserve an IP for it, also.

Thanks Jon & Lobo. I got my wife to relent and let me use the 1 port in her office which does work. And yes Lobo, the fixed IP seems to be the answer from the other searches I did. I’ll bang my head later. You guys are awesome thanks!