Cannot retrieve macaroon then LND shutdown


my LND showing this error “cannot retrieve macaroon” and it will enventually shutdown itself.

[ERR] RPCS: [/lnrpc.Lightning/GetInfo]: cannot retrieve macaroon: cannot get macaroon: macaroon store is locked

here is the full debug logs debug logs after reboot node not long then after sometime it became debug logs

Can anyone help?

I have not open any LND channel yet. Just finished sync 2 days ago.

Sounds like a file has been locked, try stopping umbrel by running ./scripts/stop, then starting it backup ./scripts/start to see if the lock has been removed. If still same issue then there will be some process that has a lock on the file.

To find out from the command line run:

ps ax | grep macaroon

This will give you PIDs (i.e 67607) and paths to get an idea of what has a lock on that macaroon file.

You can then extract more info by running the following against the PID

lsof -p 67607

Hopefully this helps, let me know if you need more help :+1: