Cannot recover old LND Cipher seed

I want to recover my cipher LDN seed. But after entering my seeds comes this error.
Unable to initialize wallet, invalid passphrase

Now I have restored my node via lncli, but the LND app continues to ask me for my seed. Do I still have to enter it manually somewhere?As you can see there are also further behind the modal.

If I remove the blur and delete the modal from the DOM I can also look at the values.

My System: Odroid N2+, Armbian

DId you ever solve this? I’m running into the exact same issue.

I didn’t solved it.
I think the best way is to close all channels, create a new wallet in umbrel and move your funds.


Here might help but I’ve never tested it. And I’ve been wondering. What if the SSD is damaged?
wait for someone who knows to answer

On thing i noticed is after a reboot, my lnd wallet is locked due to invalid password. I have to unlock it manually using lncli unlock. Afterward, everything works normally… I’m now trying to figure out how Umbrel stores the lnd wallet password so i can change it. I dont want to have to keep manully unlocking it after reboots lol.