Cannot process LNURL request in LNbits

I am getting a 500 Server Error when trying to make a Lightning Login at Stacker News via LNbits. I proceeded as follows:

  • Install Lnbits via Umbrel App Store
  • Open LNBits over Tor address, save url as bookmark
  • paste request and click read (this actually WORKS)
  • in a next step I click Login, which resolves with an 500 error: See

What I find strange is that my wallet balance is 0. I tried to send sats from my Umbrel Lightning to LNbits Wallet which seems to be permitted.

Has anyone had success login in with LNURL via LNbits on Umbrel yet?
What is the reason that my balance is 0?

No, you are doing it wrong.
To login on SN with your node, just copy the lnurl-auth, go to Thunderhub app from your Umbrel and in the main page - quick action buttons you have LNURL. Paste the lnurl and you will be logged in.,

Thanks… ahhh thunderhub is goood.