cannot connect to the server at

Hello, I come from Germany and have the following problem. I have updated to OS 1.0. I completely reinstalled the software and used a formatted SSD. Umbrel is running very well so far except for the following problem. When I start the installed Bitcoin Node app, a new browser page opens as usual but I get the following error message: “Error: Connection failed Firefox cannot connect to the server at” Does anyone have any tips on what I could do? I have already started the router and all other devices several times. Thanks

Hi @Bingo Sorry to hear about your issue here, can you please navigate to the settings dashboard on umbrel.local, select START under troubleshooting and share the resultant logs here.

Unfortunately I cannot upload the log file. “Sorry, new users can’t upload attachments.”
Copy&Paste as text is also not completely possible. “An error occurred: Body is limited to 32000 characters; you entered 139041.”

@smolgrrr That seems to be a similar problem that I have with the Jam App which does not open because the browser is not able to connect to 192.168.0.XXX:5002 (or umbrel.local:5002)

As you have traveled to another location, your ip has changed and you will have to check. Otherwise try accessing your node via umbrel.local