Can you add openvpn in the app store?

Hello Umbrel,
Since traffic of Unbrel relayed through Tor, people living in some countries can not use Tor, so they have difficulty in using Umbrel. One solution is to buy a VPS and host a VPN server on it ,then connect Umbrel node to this VPN server. This used to work fine for me.
But after I updated to 0.4.11. I can not ssh to my Umbrel, so I can not connect my Umbrel to the VPN server.
Can you add Openvpn or other VPN apps in the app store? Many potential users of Umbrel live in countries that don’t have a free Internet. Hope you can consider this. Thanks

You need to SSH into your node using the local IP of your node, not the VPN IP.

What I use is the local IP, but connection refused. I restarted the device several times, but still fails.