Can I install this on a regular PC?

As in, my desktop PC. It wouldn’t replace anything important like my DE, right? I already use a Debian-based OS on some of my devices, so I’d like to try it on there whilst retaining the ability to perform normal functions (like shutdown at arbitrary intervals) so that the fact that it’s also running as a server is transparent.

I believe that this can be done with nextcloud installed as a package, for instance.

you can.

but since your already linux savvy I would recommend getting bitcoin core and running it

Along side with electrum personal server or whatever is your choice.

get sparrow wallet to pair with it and a hardware key. or use bitcoin core alone its all up to you. its slow for syncing alone though

I have no interest in cryptocurrency. Thanks, though, although I can’t imagine that my post indicated that I was interested by it.

what are you looking for then? Umbrel is mainly for bitcoin

@my_bitcoin, software that shall

  1. easily manage server software, and
  2. which is easily installable.

Umbrel provides the 1st with its app store well, and its installation instructions do not appear complex whatsoever.