Can I change Display and Wellcome?

Can I change the settings here? There is a case of doing multiple nodes. It is repeated in spite of at all new programs But there is no naming procedure. Skip to the password entry step.

well explained in the umbrel troubleshooting manual posted in the guides section of this forum.

Anyway, changing that name is useless and meaningless. It doesn’t affect with anything the rest of functionalities. So don’t bother with it.

thank you very much If it doesn’t affect the load because the name is duplicated, it shouldn’t be a problem.

not at all. ignore it.
That dashboard anyway is used only to check/install the apps, check the status of the node and connect your wallets. All other node tasks are done through other apps (RTL, Thunderhub, Zeus, Zap etc)
So i don’t see any sense on focusing on that useless name. That name is not even used to login through SSH.