BTC wallet balance not showing after changing SSD

Hi there,

Please consider am new to all this: I had to replace the SSD on my TBM and after being able to login back into the device from umbrel.local I can see the btcCore sync restarted but the amount of the BTC wallet it’s not displayed:

It’s normal that the BTC wallet balance is not showing after changing SSD? shall I wait until the btcCore sync is completed or I should do something else in the meantime?

The btc balance likelly shows up after a while, it uses neutrino external servers. But lightning balances and channels is another long story.

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Amazing, thanks @LoboGuara. Luckily never had the occasion to fund the lightning wallet before replacing the SSD

Don’t shutdown or restart Umbrel before balance shows up. If that, neutrino may be disabled and you will have to wait 100% sync to get the balance.

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Exactly. Patience is the key. The initial catching up blocks could take a while after a shut down.
The best way to check is to look into bitcoin logs. Until bitcoin core is not up and running correctly do not do anything else stupid.

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