Did I lose all my funds?

Long story short, I bricked my SD about a month ahmgo and have been trying to get everything back to normal for a while now. Luckily I had my old HDD and was able to run Umbrel on my old setup.

On my old setup I had:
200k satoshi BTC wallet
200k satoshi Lightning wallet

Because I wanted my lightning channels to close and my funds back into my wallet I closed my channels and transferred the 200k satoshis to my BTC wallet. After 26 confirmations I expected to see 400k in my BTC wallet. Instead I see 0 in my BTC wallet (???) How is this possible?

When I recover my wallet in Electrum I also see 0 BTC… I’m very confused right now. Who can help me figure this one out?

Issue fixed after using my seedphrase on Bluewallet, funds are safu

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