Blue Walet App Umbrel will not install after server crash/rebuild

hi there
Have been running Umbrel lightning node with Blue wallet ( LND Hub)
We had a disk failure, and repaired backup and cloned to different machine
We needed to force close our lighting channels and return funds to bitcoin wallet. All done successfully at a small transaction cost
HOWEVER - Blue wallet app will not reinstall from app store
Moved asided the previous blue wallet configuration and Redis dump file - no change
Any ideas as to how ot troubleshoot and get up and running?

If you have error that a specific Umbrel App do not start or it keeps staying in “installing”, maybe the docker container for that app it wasn’t installed correctly or it hangs.

Step 1 - Enter using SSH into your Umbrel node:

Step 2 - stop Umbrel node with:

cd umbrel

sudo ./scripts/stop

Step 3 - clean / reconfigure the broken container:

sudo rm .env && sudo ./scripts/configure

Step 4 - apply latest Umbrel update (replace the version number with the latest):

sudo ./scripts/update/update --repo getumbrel/umbrel#v0.4.2

Restart your node:

sudo ./scripts/start

You can open Umbrel dashboard, but wait until latest blocks are catching up and also electrs is synced. All txs and channels will appear after a while.