Blockchain frozen - LevelDB fatal error

Hello everyone,

I use a Rasp 4 with SSD720GB and it is not loading anymore the blockchain
blocked on 674434…
I can log to the interface but synchro is frozen and wallet not showing my sats. 504GB used out of 720.
4GB out of 8. legacy powwer supply. latest Umbrel 0.4.0 on the microSD (I started with 0.3.x in February 2021 but had to upgrade as it was saying “loading BitcoinCore” and not able to access the web interface)

Log is showing:
bitcoin | 2021-08-19T23:34:13Z Verifying last 6 blocks at level 3
bitcoin | 2021-08-19T23:34:13Z [0%]…LevelDB read failure: Corruption: block checksum mismatch: /data/.bitcoin/chainstate/263155.ldb
bitcoin | 2021-08-19T23:34:13Z Fatal LevelDB error: Corruption: block checksum mismatch: /data/.bitcoin/chainstate/263155.ldb

Please Help, I tried for weeks and no progress.

Hi, how did you fixed this database corruption problem ?