Blockchain downloading slowly

So I have a sorta low-end iMac and used Multipass VM to use Umbrel. Not too laggy, the UI is running smooth. Anyways I downloaded the Bitcoin Node app and started downloading. It took me 2 attepmpts to install the blockchain. The first 1, I gave my first Multipass instance 2 gigs of ram and 2 cores(only had 2 cores) it was downloading but slowly. Then my computer crashed for some reason so I used Turbo Boost switcher and tried again with a new VM and this time gave it 4 gigs and when the download started, it was zooming compared to before, 1% every 5-6 minutes or so. I had like 11 peers. Then at around 11% it started slowing down. My hasrate was fine, I was reaching 2-3 EH/s but for some reason my Connections dropped too, frequently dropping to 1 peer or 3. It does reach 10-11 peers but usually it’s low. Is there any way I can increase the connectivity of peers. If I’m connected to more people, I download the blockchain faster, right? Any help would be greatly apreciated.

Oh yeah forgot to mention I have a hdd