Bitcoin node loses connections every ~2 weeks and goes out of sync

I have a rPi 4b 8GB setup with Umbrel. It’s been mostly fine for the past 2 years. Lately I notice that Bitcoin app drops the number of peers to zero over time and my blockchain falls out of sync. I’m not sure if this happened when updating Umbrel to 0.5.3, or Bitcoin to 24.0.1-2, or just installing another app on Umbrel. I usually log in every few days to check its health and at some point Bitcoin shows 99.xx% synced and the latest block is from a few days ago.

I noticed this happened a month ago, two weeks ago, and 4 days ago, so about every 2 weeks. I haven’t done anything crazy with the cache or changing advanced settings. Peers are set to connect over I2P, Tor, and Clarinet. What I notice is that when going into advanced settings and changing anything and at the bottom it says ‘save and restart Bitcoin’ it does NOT fix the problem. (this method of restarting the Bitcoin app is insufficient to fix the issue.)
However, restarting umbrel entirely WILL fix the issue and Bitcoin app will find new peers and update the blockchain.

I have begun troubleshooting by removing 95% of my apps to see if there is a conflict. I have tried checking if my port 8333 is open but it is not seen as open despite trying to forward it to my node in my router. I’m at a loss for how to diagnose this issue. Any help is appreciated.

I also have this issue running just TOR but Bitcoin tends to drop doen to 2 peers. Bitcoin restart does not help, it takes a full umbrel restart.