Bitcoin Node has stayed permanently in "Starting..."

Hello everyone. I have recently installed an umbrel full node and have synced Bitcoin Node 100%. Everything seemed to be going well but I have had it disconnected for a few days and when I restart it again it does not start and remains permanently in the “Starting…” state. I don’t know what it is and how I can fix it. I would appreciate advice and help from you. Greetings

Hey @Bosco can you navigate to System > Troubleshoot > Start and generate a debug log file? You can share the file here or you can paste it to and share a link to review easily

If for any reason it gives you an error when attempting to generate the log you can reference How To SSH and the Generating Troubleshooting Logs steps in the FAQ here by SSHing and using the command listed there: sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/debug to output the log and you can copy it from there to pastebin as well

Likely the log will give us a few indications of what might be the cause of the problem (maybe a corrupt chainstate or peers.dat error) and we can go from there

I had a similar issue when I rebooted my Umbrel one time.

For me it was a cache/cookie issue and every time I tried to access the login page via my bookmark it would just say “Starting”.

I was able to access the Umbrel successfully when trying a different browser, and then clearing my cookies and cache on the main browser, allowed it to let me login again.