Bitcoin block chain download


I am at the point of plugging in SD card, SSD and Ethernet cable and power cable. From instructions on Umbrel. Does this just get Umbrel setup? How do I download the Bitcoin block chain? Any instructions will be great. I thought at first it will down load once I turned my PI on but the more I thought about it that will just be Umbrel! Please confirm if you have a spare minute. Thanks

Yes, if you have successfully set up Umbrel, you should be able to get to the website by typing http://umbrel.local or the IP address if known (will work every time regardless). The Bitcoin blockchain is downloading as soon you finish setting up Umbrel. When you set a password after viewing the 24 words; you’ll see the dashboard is syncing.

Thank you very much, am ready to go. Just waiting on my super fibre internet to go be activated then I will turn on my node.

Thank you