BIP-119 and Umbrel

I’ve been following some of the controversy around BIP-119 and wondered what role node operators could have in signalling for or against the proposal.

Would Umbrel leave this choice up to individual operators or would a signal be bundled in an update?

From what I’ve seen, Umbrel seems to be against BIP-119, but we’d need to get confirmation from the founders of Umbrel: @mayank and @lukechilds – may you guys elaborate on this?

That’s reassuring to hear.

Still interested to know what role node operators should or could have in these decisions — particularly as many of us aren’t highly technical, is it a good idea or not to have plug and play node operators making these decisions. (Vs giving node packagers such as umbrel total control?)

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As a simple node operator, you don’t have too much to say in this matter. For the moment.
Is still early.
What you can do is to educate yourself and learn more about what really is this proposal.
People are jumping too fast into conclusions, without knowing anything or just simply following what others says, the typical “I support what X says…” with no idea what they support.
That behavior is simply stupid.
If you do not have any technical knowledge and/or about programming bitcoin, you better just wait and observe, not having any baseless “opinion”.
Is really early to “vote”.

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I’ve been listening to Guy Swann’s podcast over at Bitcoin Audible. He is doing a deep dive, trying to understand all the technology and ramifications. He is promising another podcast (#55) following feedback he received after the first two.

You will never learn anything from podcasts…
Podcasts are just another form of entertainment.
Read documentation, test solutions, apps and educate yourself in all technical aspects you can.
Just following somebody else opinion is what sheeple are doing.

The important question for this forum is will Umbrel encourage people to decide for themselves?

If Umbrel are against a BIP they might want to ship an update with the feature disabled by default. That’s OK so long as they communicate this decision effectively to all node operators along with steps operators can take to enable or disable based on their own assessment.

Why Umbrel devs have to “influence” like that?
You can’t educate yourself and decide for yourself? You really need somebody to tell you specifically what is good or not for you?

Maybe ‘encourage’ was not the best word.

I think you are missing the point. The educated can leave and maintain their own builds.

If Umbrel are in a position to push updates to 1000s of nodes that gives them significant influence on the network. There is some responsibility there if many of their users are accepting updates without question.

It looks as though one of the questions raised by OP has already been addressed by Umbrel DEVS: