Bitcoin Node/Lightning Event Umbrel

Hi Umbrel Community!

Me and a bitcoin core developer are trying to host a bitcoin node/lightning event for 25 people in Wynwood miami. We already ordered a raspberry pi/ssd drive and want to demonstrate how to set up your own node. We will be using Umbrel for the personal node setup.

Any chance we can get a $500 sponsorship from your company? All of this will be to get the event space and food/beverages. We can run by the promotional material by you before hosting the event. We are planning to host the event on the week of 19-26 June.


Here are the contents:

Here is the content that we are planning to present:

How to Create Your Own Bitcoin Node and the Potential of the Lightning Ecosystem.

Speaker Eric (Bitcoin Core Developer). Moderated by Promit (Bitcoin only investor)
Event specs

  1. Why is it important to run your own bitcoin node
  2. Education on lightning network
  3. Live demonstration on creating your own node using raspbery Pi and ssd drive
  4. Different lightning apps and the potential of the new ecosystem