Is Apple macbook or Apple desktop a better choice to have for UmbrelOS server using Apps of umbrel? Are the apps instantly ready to use for btc nodes ?

Not sure exactly what you’re asking? “Better” choice is an end user preference.

If you’re asking “does a MacBook or Mac desktop running Mac OS work for UmbrelOS” then no. Umbrel is not compiled or assembled for Mac OS.

If you’re asking “does Apple hardware running a VM running Debian (or similar) run Umbrel” then that’s a solid maybe, but probably not as it’s based on a different chip architecture. But, as it’s source is posted on GitHub maybe you could compile/build a functional system if you want to take the effort on, but I sure wouldn’t.

I don’t know what “Are the apps instantly ready for use for btc nodes?” means. Do you mean, does the Umbrel team quickly build and push out apps for use on UmbrelOS?

UmbrelOS can be used for running BTC nodes and Lightning nodes, but it doesn’t have too. You can run whatever apps the Umbrel team decides to build and release thru their app store. But none of those will work on Apple hardware (see above) unless you take the time to compile/build them yourself, as far as I can tell…

As far as Apple hardware… I started messing with “PCs” in the early 80’s. I had an early Atari 400. I soldered together a PC XT clone (Heath-Zenith Z-151 if I recall correctly) in the early 1980’s, and used z80 based hardware and CPM (before DOS) back then as well. I worked for HP for 35+ years (software development, systems management) and used all kinds of “PC/Intel/Windoze” based hardware. But I’ve been using Apple hardware as my personal computers since my first Apple ][e in 1983. Nothing compares to the quality of Apple products if you ask me. But, again, that’s an end user preference and good arguments are on both sides.