Running an umbrel node on an old MacBook Pro?

Hey all
After seeing some friends have catastrophic hardware failure taking them completely offline, I’m thinking that I should have backup hardware, or maybe upgrade and use the pi as my backup….

I have a 2016 MacBook Pro with 1TB SSD… I figure it has a built in UPS for at least 5-6 hours, and the screen doesn’t work anyways.

Any thoughts on doing this? Has anyone tried? Or is it going to be too difficult to get it running Umbrel. Plus, who knows if a 6 year old computer will be any more reliable than a new Pi…?

Thanks all

Depends on your energy supplier costs. A Pi certainly uses less $ to run 24/7 compared to your MBP.
And only because your MBP is bigger and has an apple on it, doesn’t provide lower likelihood to fail, especially since it’s 6 year old hardware.

But you may have more trust in Apple and it’s reliability. May suggest to look into a Mac Mini then. Could get your hands on a used one for $300, just calculate power consumption of mac mini compared to MBP and calcualate time to profitability.

Last point: Looking at your total node size, what probably makes more sense is a raid system, where you have a fallback node jumping in with little delay (channel.db consistency is hairy). Always more secure to fly a plane with two propellors, especially when you go high and far.

Hey, Umbrel hasn’t been tested on macOS and is likely not compatible with non Linux-based system.

What if Ubuntu is installed on it instead?

For an Umbrel node I suggest Debian. Much stable and reliable. UmbrelOS actually is a modified debian to adapt to Raspi and Umbrel.

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