Best case to use M.2 or 2.5" SSD

Hi all, complete noob here. Just getting started with running a node.

At this stage I’m working out what hardware to get.
Pretty sure Umbrel is the way to go over myNode (my two choices) although they both look great.

I want a nice “tidy” setup with a case that encloses the SSD. (M.2 or 2.5" SSD)

I’m looking at:

  1. Argon one M.2
  2. DeskPi Pro V2 (M.2 or 2.5" compatible)

Leaning toward the Argon one at this point, so I just want to ask the community if there is anyone that has set up Umbrel with the Argon M.2 case using the M.2 SSD rather than the 2.5" drives I see in all the video tutorials I’ve watched. (Shout out to BTC sessions btw).

If so, does it “just work” the same, or do I need to be prepared with something first.

What type of M.2 SSD do I get? (SATA, NVMe or PCIe)
I’m assuming SATA, but would like to verify this.

In Umbrel’s interface, do you have to access the Linux terminal to install fan control scripts? Or do they work “out of the box”?

Should Umbrel OS always be run from the Micro SD card or can it be copied and booted from the SSD with the blockchain saved to the same SSD?

Is there a benefit to using a M.2 SSD over a 2.5" drive?
Looking at these:
Western Digital WDS100T2B0B M.2 1TB SSD Blue.
SanDisk SSD Plus 1TB Internal SSD - SATA III 6 Gb/s, 2.5"/7mm - SDSSDA-1T00-G26.

Any advice, guidance or suggestions out there that would help me get to the goal of running a node, would be very welcome.

please forgive the noob

Answered your questions within the quote :slight_smile: Good luck with setting it all up!

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“DUDE” you’re amazing!
Thank you for your reply. That helps me with my decision, although I’m now leaning towards the DeskPi Pro v2 box.

Hey dude, how did you get on with the side loading of the DeskPi driver? I’m looking to do the same and some pointers would be super appreciated :v:

UPDATE: This probably clears it up for anyone else looking to do the same: