Balena Etcher Flash Failed but Blockchain is Downloading

In setting up my node, I’ve tried flashing the Umbrel zip file to my micro SD card multiple times through Balena Etcher, and each time it finishes the validation step at 100% but then gives me an error message saying that the flash failed.

After receiving this error multiple times, I eventually decided to proceed with the install process anyways. Surprisingly, I was able to set up my Umbrel account and my node is in the process of verifying the blockchain.

Everything seems to be working fine, but I’m still concerned that the software might not have fully flashed onto the SD card. Is it possible for my node to start verifying blocks without the software fully flashed, or is this evidence that I’m good to go even though I received a flash error?


If it verifies til 100% it is ok, no problem. Do you use Windows? It may give an error trying access on the EXT4 files saved on SD, it may even crash Windows.

Yes, I flashed using a Windows device. Thanks for the heads up; I’ll continue monitoring the progress of the blockchain sync, and will try re-flashing if I receive any errors. Hopefully it gets to 100% sync with no issues.