Back Up Umbrel (SSD change and/or hardware)


First, sorry for my english. It’s not my native language.

I have Umbrel on Pi4 with a 1To SSD. It’s working well for approximatively 1 year. Recently my SD card have stop to work so I change it by reflash Umbrel on a new card. First, I was afraid to loose data.

So, is there a solution to back up the HDD on Umbrel to avoid a loss of data ?

I’m aware that perform a clone of the disk is not really a good solution since bitcoin core need to synchronize everytime.

If I leave the Pi4 for a PC hardware with Linux. Does this type of hardware can offer a more simple way to back up Umbrel ?

For Information, I does not have funds on my Umbrel.

I am also interesting to use more app with Umbrel and the Pi4 seems to be limitated by is CPU.