[Back That Mac Up] Using a different HD to TimeMachine Backups?

My Umbrel runs like a charm on a Raspberry 4 mantaining its happy Bitcoin Node on an external 1TB SSD HD. Just discovered I may let Umbrel runs a TimeMachine backup with “Back That Mac Up” app. Great!
Now … I would love NOT TO use the same SSD of the Bitcoin Node. Is there a way to connect and use a second different external hard disk?


I have the Umbrel Home device (U130121). I would like to use an attached HD/SSD as a Time Machine backup. So I would be interested in this feature update



Pretty unusable without being able to select a different drive. Using umbrel on a VM on a mac on my network.

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+1 i would like to add my existing external drive use for time machine plug on my linux server with umbrel os to be able to do saves without plug this HDD on my macbook pro