Question about How to use an external HD to hold and run a bitcoin node? (x86, umbrelOS1.1.2)

I recently installed umbrelOS 1.1 on my MacBook pro (late 2012, quad i7). The internal 768 gb was just big enough to sync and start running a bitcoin node. Obviously, I quickly ran out of space.
So I decoded to use an external 8TB usb3.0 HD (exFAT) in order to give the node all the space requiered and more for the futur.
I couldn’t find any instruction about how to setup this configuration, and how to use an external HDD to store the node (or other Data from other apps)…
Did someone manage to do so? Any idea ? It shouldn’t be that complicated :sweat_smile:

Even if I had to adquire the umbrel home I think 2TB is a little too short…

Thank you for your help

is this possible?