Important links to learn more about Bitcoin Lightning Network


A. Official Umbrel links

Umbrel Website:
Umbrel Community forum:
Umbrel Telegram group:
Umbrel Github:

B. Lightning Network documentation

An Overview of Lightning Network Implementations – by Fulgur Ventures
Lightning Network Resources – by Jameson Lopp
LND documentation – by Lightning Engineering
Lightning Node Management – by openoms
Lightning Network Dev Curriculum – by Chaincode Labs
Beginners LN Guide – by BitcoinQnA
LightningWiki – by BitcoinStickers
Wiki Lightning Network – by ION Radar Tech
What is Lightning Network – by Binance Academy
Node recovery tools - by Guggero

C. Videos, talks, tutorials about Umbrel / Lightning Network

Umbrel Tutorials:

Umbrel Tutoriales en Español

Lightning Network in general and Bitcoin nodes:

Lightning Network Apps:

Video Tutorials for wallets

Video Tutorials for privacy using nodes

D. Articles and guides about LN nodes

Tor-Only BTC/LN nodes – by Jameson Lopp
Lightning Liquidity Management Guide – by Jameson Lopp
4 Tips to run a profitable LN node – by Erin Malone

E. Tools, analyzers, explorers for LN

Node Doctor – Nice tool preview over your node
Node Watch – Tool that can recommend peers – LN nodes explorer and statistics – Nice LN nodes explorer and statistics – LN nodes explorer and statistics
LNnodeInsight – Very good tool to analyze your node and peers
LN Graph – Visualizing the nodes and channels
Bitcoin Visuals – Graphs and stats about LN
LightningBoost – Inbound liquidity, Watchtower provider

F. Telegram groups for nodes

Rings of Fire – Talk and ask for help opening channels, creating rings, entrance fee in sats (anti-spammers)
PlebNet – Big community nodes Telegram group, here is their wiki page.
Lightning Liquidity & Pool – Talk and ask for liquidity for your node, entrance fee in sats (anti-spammers)
NODES Brigade – Group for merchants nodes, if you are a merchant that accept BTC/LN, start here
Nodo Español – Spanish speakers group for nodes
Lightning Network Plus – Website to create rings groups with other peers
CheeseRobot Bot – Telegram bot that help groups to manage their nodes info, very good tool to have in nodes groups
Plebs2Salvador – Group with node operators that want to connect and help El Salvador nodes/merchants