Automatic Encrypted Backup

From what I understand, an Umbrel Administrator has to assist with Automatic Backups. Is there a process for contacting them?

I’ve just finished synchronizing a new node from my seed, and my Bitcoin wallet and Lightning Channels are empty.

Any information would be helpful. Thank you!

I don’t think you need to use that full restore option. That is the last resort.
Here some handful links to read before going to that:

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I did the rescan UTXOs, and only two transactions from January are showing up. When I click “deposit,” nothing happens. Should I wait longer for other transactions to show up?

Use RTL or Thunderhub apps in Umbrel, you will see them.
If not, then you need to debug to see what happen, maybe is a hardware issue.

RTL is empty. It is the correct public key though.

Here is the error log: umbrel-1632427396204-debug.log (27.9 KB)

I will explain you the standard procedure that any Umbrel (or any other node software) user should do (and I explain it also in the getting started guide).

  1. Setup his new account, save the seed 24 words
  2. Wait for the blockchain to sync 100%, is not so hard to wait. Don’t do anything else. In this process the machine is in heavy load.
  3. Once is synced, wait another 8-10h for electrs (Electrum Server) to index the blocks and create and compact the database. It is very important this aspect. Without elctrs database, your node wallets are NOT available to operate.
  4. Install basic apps: RTL, Thunderhub, Mempool/BTC RPC explorer
  5. Connect some node management apps fro mobile like Zap / Zeus
  6. Get used to manage these apps RTL, TH, Zap, Zeus
  7. Send some funds into your onchain wallet Umbrel, by clicking on dashboard - bitcoin - deposit
  8. Open a LN channel with ALL funds from that UTXO.
  9. Repeat point 7 and 8 with more channels.
    10 Have fun!

Seems that you have some mess around.
BlockUntilSyncedToCurrentChain: txindex is catching up on block notifications

Wait a bit longer. If you already started reindex, it will take a while for txindex with electrs.
You can check the status of electrs and bitcoin sync by checking the logs
enter SSH into your node and run these commands:

cd /home/umbrel && sudo docker-compose logs bitcoin

replace bitcoin with electr to see the Electrum status of index
also you can see the other modules like lnd, tor

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I get this error:Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 1.34.06 PM

Seems you have a typo is not electr is electrs
ok do this:
cd umbrel
sudo docker-compose logs electrs

That worked. Thank you!

Not sure what I’m looking at totally. Is there sensitive information in the logs?

Yes, you should see the % status of electrs of reindex or if it saying “start compacting”

I don’t, I’ve scanned the whole log and searched.

This is the last thing I see in the log:

electrs | DEBUG - applying 1 new headers from height 701889

I’ll give it another 24 hours before I start panicking. I do appreciate the help very much!

we are at block 701894 so your electrs still have to catch on. Patience. Yes 10-12h will be fine.

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It’s been about 24 hours and only the 2 transactions from January 2021 are showing.

Any other suggestions?

is the electrs finished the index?

Yes, I believe so. Screenshot the end of the latest log.

let’s make a test.
Open Zap on desktop.
Use the 24 words seed and import your onchain wallet into it.
Let’s see what is showing.
If you see there all the txs, then your node database is corrupted in some way and you will need to start over with a new instance.

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It looks like all of my transactions are in the recovered Zap wallet.

What is the best way to start a new instance?

This also means I might lose my LND channels, correct?

Is your LN node still accessible through RTL or Thunderhub or Umbrel dashboard?
Try to close normally the channels and wait to recover funds in onchain (you will see them in Zap onchain). Normally takes 144 blocks (24h). Keep that Zap wallet as it is as a backup wallet.
Then start a new node instance, clean, from zero.
Send the funds from Zap to your new node and start fresh.

One last question… and I can’t thank you enough.

Is there an easy way to create a new instance? or just format the hard drive? Not sure the best way to get the sd and ssd back to factory defaults.