At least 10 years behind

Well, pretty new to Bitcoin. In fact, till this day, I have not a single Satoshi, nor a wallet, I started shifting my capital (rather insignificant) to gold and silver coins.
Started a month ago to open a wallet for my mother buying small weekly amounts. As she is +70, you can guess who’s in charge of doing so.
It was a deep dive into the matter during the last month, to scratch just on the surface of the Bitcoin network.
It made however start me to try around with running an node.
I looked at the Raspberry’s, I have lying around, so one was a PI2, the other a PI3, so I looked at the prices of a PI4, holy crap, 160€ for a PI4, no thanks.
I have an old NUC I7 Gen5 lying around, took my HDD out and took a 240GB from a crashed PC, to install Ubuntu Server and Umbrel. It’s still loading the blockchain, seems it’s quite fast, looks like it could be done within 24h.
The problem I have now, and so far I read in the community, I’m not the only one, no ext HDD is recognized. I guess, I order a M.2 1TB HDD for cheap. So I could run a full node.